How To Improve Your Child's Motor Skills In As Little As 30 Days... 
Even If You Have Never Done Any Fitness Program At Home!
Does your kid struggle with sports? Do you have a hard time keeping your kid active? Trying to come up with activities to do with your kid at home?
 The Solution: It's called Sensory Fitness Masterclass!
We've taken these concerns into account and NOW have a fun way to "address your kid's sensory & behavior challenges"... Our specialized fitness program can help decrease stimming behaviors, hyperactivity, and aggression...KEEP READING!!!
  Access to weekly LIVE do-it-along fitness lessons to enjoy fun fitness activities with your kids, interact with your instructor, and receive personal feedback.
  Access to an exclusive membership group to ask questions directly to our experts and connect with other like-minded parents.
  Access to Sensory Fitness Master Class to gain a deep insight into children’s behaviors and specific activities to provide sensory solutions in 5 simple steps.
What Our Fans Are Saying....

Elle T.
"Matt has a heart of gold, wicked sense of humor, and excellent musical skills! He makes everything fun, including working out!! His education and experience in physical therapy, special education, and sensory disorders translates to being able to create individualized activity programs to help target specific needs and deficits."

Deena C.

"Such amazing support, ideas and a general place to ask the questions I don’t have answers to! I love that my advice is valued and I can learn daily from others! Thank you LakiKid!"

Sneak Peek Of What You'll Receive Inside...

Weekly Interactive Do-It-Along Lesson Through Zoom

Extensive Library of Sensory Educational Videos

Exclusive Private Facebook Group

Printable Worksheet & Fitness Calendar

In-depth Strategies to Meet Your Kid's Sensory Needs

Member Discount

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How Does The Sensory Fitness Masterclass Work?
The Sensory Fitness Masterclass is a membership program that will include weekly sensory fitness lessons, exclusive webinars with an expert, a dedicated member only community, and much more! We offer both a monthly and yearly membership to fit your needs. When you sign up, you will receive a thirty-minute consultation with an expert, a monthly Lakikid Discount, and a partnership discount! Joining the Sensory Fitness Masterclass will give you many tools and opportunities to improve your child’s overall health and wellness! 

  Helps to improve whole-body coordination, strength, endurance, and self awareness 
  Teaches self discipline 
  Develop motor skills
  Understanding sensory system 
  How to create sensory-friendly environment at home
Your Instructor:
Matt Sloan, founder of Sensory Fitness, is an occupational therapy assistant, personal trainer, and a special education teacher. He plans to direct his experience to create specialized fitness programs for the Sensory Fitness Masterclass. Matt also brings sensory education and strategies to educators, parents, fitness professionals, and anyone working with kids or adults with sensory difficulties to provide sensory strategies, create sensory friendly environments, and promote the importance of movement in learning and everyday activities.

Matt Sloan

Founder of Sensory Fitness
What You Get Inside The Sensory Fitness Masterclass...
  Access to weekly LIVE sensory fitness lessons - Interactive Zoom class with your instructor, Matt Sloan. Matt is an occupational therapy assistant, personal trainer, special education teacher, and parent of children with special needs. Plus, you can watch all previous recorded videos.
  Access to exclusive VIP member group - Exclusive Facebook group for you to ask questions to our expert and connect with other like minded parents.
  Access to Sensory Fitness Masterclass - 20+ educational videos geared for parents to gain a deep insight into children’s behaviors and specific activities to provide sensory solutions.
Plus, 3 FREE Tools...
  Power Of Play Mini-Workshop - Did you know that learning through play helps build physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth? Our mini-workshop presents the top 5 fitness activities to meet your kid's sensory needs. 
  Power Of Play Printable Worksheet - Step by step detailed explanation to each of the activities in the Power of Play Mini-Workshop. Have it on hand so you can easily refer back to each activity. 
  Sensory Activities Summer Bingo Calendar - Bingo game with 25 fun sensory activities for the summer. Complete the activity written in the square and mark off the space. Have fun with it and get creative.
And, We'll Throw In 2 FREE BONUSES!
  Monthly selected LakiKid products discount from 25% off to completely FREE. 
  Discounted products & services with our partner organizations.
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Schedule a free meeting with your instructor, Matt Sloan, to create sensory-friendly home modifications and a sensory goals for your children.
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We are so confident that you'll receive INCREDIBLE Results with the Sensory Fitness Masterclass that we're willing to offer 30-day full money back guarantee! 
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  • Exclusive: Immediate access to our exclusive content library and support group
  • FREE Printable: Fun printable activities for family including bingo, worksheet, educational resource, and more.
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  • Exclusive: Immediate access to our exclusive video library and support group
  • FREE Printable: Fun printable activities for family including bingo, worksheet, educational resource, and more.
  • ​​100% Guarantee: Try it risk-free for 30 days. If you're not satisfied, we'll give your money back. 
  • 2 Months FREE: When you choose Yearly, you'll receive 2 months FREE. Save $40 instantly!
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